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Ultimate Enable Right Click ─ Allow Copy
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Ultimate Enable Right Click ─ Allow Copy
Ultimate Enable Right Click ─ Allow Copy

Unleash the Power of Right Click with Ultimate Enable Right Click Chrome Extension

Are you tired of websites blocking your right-click context menus, preventing you from selecting texts, and copying their contents? Look no further than Ultimate Enable Right Click, the ultimate chrome extension that empowers you to navigate the web without restrictions.

Browse Uncluttered and Enable Copy Everywhere

With Ultimate Enable Right Click, you can say goodbye to frustrating website restrictions. This comprehensive and advanced solution allows you to enable right click, text selection, and copy on any website, ensuring a seamless browsing experience. No more manual toggles or complicated setups!

Why Choose Ultimate Enable Right Click?

1. Truly Bug-Free Right Click

Unlike other similar extensions that frequently break websites, Ultimate Enable Right Click utilizes a unique and sophisticated technology. This ensures that the extension has minimal impact on the normal functions of websites unrelated to right click, text selection, and copy. With our smart Javascript-based module, you can enable right click on all sites by default, without any hassle.

2. Enable Copy Everywhere

Our extension goes above and beyond in enabling copy functionality. Visit our homepage and compare it with other extensions. Can they enable everything - right click, text highlight, and copy? We have meticulously considered all blocking methods that web developers may implement, and we have introduced a comprehensive methodology that takes care of them all. This means that Ultimate Enable Right Click can reclaim right click, text selection, and copy on literally every website, even on those where other extensions struggle.

3. Fully Customizable Per-Site Settings

We understand that every user has unique preferences. With Ultimate Enable Right Click, you have full control. If you want to disable the extension on certain domains, simply toggle it from the app's popup UI. And if you need to temporarily enable the extension for a specific website, utilize the "Run in this session" toggle in the popup UI. Easily manage all your settings through our user-friendly dashboard, and rest assured that your per-site settings will be synced to your Chrome account.

How to Use Ultimate Enable Right Click

  • By default, the extension enables right click on all websites.
  • If you encounter stubborn websites that require additional text selection options, simply click on the extension's icon and toggle the "Enable text selection (CSS)" component.
  • For further assistance, please visit the help page linked at the settings page.

Stay up-to-date with the latest patch notes on our GitHub page. If you have any questions, bug reports, or feedback, we encourage you to leave a review or message us on our homepage.

Don't let website restrictions hold you back. Install Ultimate Enable Right Click today and unlock the full potential of your browsing experience!

Remember, with Ultimate Enable Right Click, you can enable right click and copy everywhere, while enjoying a seamless and uncluttered browsing experience.

Download the Ultimate Enable Right Click Chrome extension now and take control of your browsing freedom!

Comprehensive solution for websites blocking right-click and copy

Bug-free enable right click without breaking websites

Enables copy on every website, even the most stubborn ones

Per-site settings for customization and syncing with Chrome account

Limited information on how to use the extension

No direct customer support contact

561 reviews
11 Reviews For This Extension
Fábio Inácio Bernardo

This one works on OperaGX!

Maor Pichadze

Wonderful Extension ! Helped me with a my university's website.


Tried a few, Finally something that works! Thanks!

pol newman

wow! i've tried dozens of extensions, none of them work. and who would have thought that an extension with a trash rating would work?! but it really worked!

Iaroslav Smirnov

it works lol

keyur monpara

It works Perfectly


Does not work. Not only does it not work, it actually disables other allow right click extensions from working.

Elior Estrin

It works! thanks

Bivi Shan

amazing extension. thank you so much. <3

Popular Shots

amazing extension. thank you so much. <3

I Anuj.

I'm unable to copy content of google classrom

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